Virginia Kinship Resource Guide

Thank you, kinship caregivers, for all you do for Virginia's children!

The Virginia Kinship Resource Guide seeks to assist kinship caregivers by providing resources for financial assistance, legal guidance, and other types of issues that caregivers face when raising children in order to provide stability and support in the home.

Woman reading to children

Who are kinship caregivers? Kinship care is a term used for the raising of children by grandparents, other extended family members and unrelated adults who have an established relationship with the child and/or family.

Legal custody may or may not be involved. The child welfare social services system may or may not be involved. This website contains information that is pertinent to any/all kinship caregivers in Virginia. There is also some very specific information for kinship caregivers when the child is involved with Virginia’s foster care system.

For kinship caregivers in Virginia, there is a toll-free support services hotline that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call (888) 593-1972 to receive information and referrals for your family’s needs. (Kinship Navigator number sponsored by 2-1-1.)